Stephen Pusey

Stephen Pusey

Photo credit: Wilhelm Scholz
Some Notes About The Work

My work manifests where abstraction, form and perspectival space are in flux. It has transited from symbolic figuration, through earlier work as a public mural painter and net artist - to autogenic expression.

The works are constructed of a matrix of calligraphic gestures which appear to flow in and out of space. I work without hesitation and autonomically. It is a process in which imagination, the subconscious and critical judgment work in tandem.

There is a contradiction of flatness and perspectival space in the work achieved by the vibration of tonally equivalent colors on different planes and the varying weight and flow of brushed linear shapes. I never regard a painting as being "finished"- as this implies closure - but recognize a point of arrival in the painting - a tipping point between harmony and chaos in which the work resonates.

The paintings are an asemic palimpsest in which each gesture is informed by the one that preceded, culminating in a neural-like structure in which forms appear and dissolve.

I am interested in the concept of signature – literally, as a calligraphic mark and also in a broader sense of identifying a quantity that may be both personal and universal. I think of signature as a resonance that permeates existence and which is demonstrated, for example, in natural rhythms, bird song, music and physics.

I believe I am channeling in the work an essence that is shared by all and which flows through everything. I am interested in the duality and contradiction of this force - the tension between chaos and structure, of progression and regression – of a biological shape-shifting and persistence of similarity that resonates throughout existence.

I seek to maintain an auto-suggestive field throughout the creation of the work. Applied in my work it is an optical and psychological device that provides a vehicle for the mind to explore its own journeys - one that never arrives at any fixed point. It is my conceit that the more time is spent with these paintings the more apparent and vibrant are the overlays of suggested forms within them. Revisit the same painting and the aspect will have changed again.

May, 2017

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